BETA USERS ONLY- What metrics are available in Aurasma?

To access analytics on your Auras, including the number of views they have received and how often viewers have clicked through to web pages from your Auras, you must first purchase a subscription to our platform. For more information on HP Reveal subscriptions please view the link below.


Available Aura Metrics

With an Aurasma subscription, your Studio account will be upgraded to include an 'Analytics' tab in the central dashboard. The metrics this section of the Studio offers for an individual Aura or group of Auras include:

  • Views: how often your Auras have been viewed, and how many unique users have viewed them;
  • Clicks Through: how many times have your viewers clicked through from your Aura to a web page or mobile app destination; 
  • Overlays: if your Auras contain multiple Overlays and options, our analytics track which Overlays are being viewed most often, and how viewers are interacting with your content;
  • Time Spent: how long viewers are spending on viewing individual Auras;
  • Regions: countries or States where your viewers are located.
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