BETA USERS ONLY- How do I see whether my Aura has been viewed?

To access analytics on your Auras, including the number of views they have received and how often viewers have clicked through to web pages from your Auras, you must first purchase a subscription to our platform. Click here for more information on HP Reveal subscriptions.


How to view analytics for a single Aura or specific Aura group

With an HP Reveal subscription, your Studio account will be upgraded to include an 'Analytics' tab in the central dashboard. To see whether your Aura has been viewed:

1. Click on the Analytics tab option;

2. Select a relevant date range (top right) for the stats you want to find;

3. Click on 'Choose Auras' to select those for which you want analytics information;

4. Click to select the relevant Aura(s) from those listed and then 'Save and View';

5. This will open a new window showing stats on your Auras, including views, clicks through to web pages, regions where your Aura has been viewed and more!


On saving this individual Aura or Aura group for analytics purposes, you will always be able to see the latest analytics for that particular Aura of group. On clicking on the Analytics tab, simply use the left hand dropdown to find and select the Aura or Aura group for which you want the latest stats.


How to view Analytics for a whole campaign of Auras

1. Click on the 'Campaigns' tab in the Studio's central dashboard;

2. Click to highlight the campaign for which you want analytics information;

3. Click the 'Stats' option to the right above the listed campaigns.

This will deliver a window showing views and clicks through for all the Auras in that campaign.


Can I download the analytics information in a spreadsheet?


  • In the main Analytics dashboard, a download icon can be found on the bottom right on each graph showing stats information for an individual Aura or group of Auras;
  • For campaign stats you can find a download icon on the bottom right of the stats view window.
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