3D Model Troubleshooting

3D models don't show up on my device. Why?

3D models are enabled for all iOS devices with at least 512M RAM. Therefore, 3D models work for iPhone 7 and above, iPad 2+, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen+.

On Android, 3D models are enabled by default, but switched off for a few devices we know to have problems with 3D drivers. 


Uploading 3D models to HP Reveal Studio

Please check our 3D specifications here.



What should be in a .tar file?

How you arrange your files within your .tar archive is something which can catch you out. A .tar file is just a container - like a zip or rar file.

Errors from the Studio such as "invalid archive contents" are brought about by the Studio not seeing what it is expecting when it looks inside the .tar file you're uploading. The Studio has no way to know what sort of folder structure might be in place within a .tar file - so all the files ( dae, pngs, thumbnail, mp3 sound) need to be in the root on the .tar archive, not inside any folders.

Some applications (mostly on Mac) create sub-folders inside .tar archives automatically, so ensure you un-tick this box or just manually open up the .tar file and check that it doesn't contain any folders.


Common error messages: with what they mean and solutions

Status:    500

Message:    Invalid archive contents

It's likely you have tarred the model directory. You need to tar the files in the directory, without tarring the directory.

If you're using 7zip to create the tar file, go into the directory that contains your model files (.dae, thumbnail.png, any textures), select all the files, right click -> 7zip -> "add to archive", then make sure "archive format" is Tar and click "OK".

Status:    500

Message:    Unable to locate thumbnail

Please check you have included the model thumbnail image and called it "thumbnail.png" - check you have spelled thumbnail correctly!

Status:    500

Message:   Could not extract valid augmentation type from file: application/octet-stream mymodel.7z

It looks like you're trying to upload a 7z archive. You should upload a tar archive. You can make a tar using 7zip, but by default, 7zip will make 7z archives.

Select all your model files, then right click, 7zip, add to archive, and select tar.

The remaining 2 files were processed successfully.

It look like you're trying to upload the model .tar using "bulk add". Bulk upload is for uploading multiple overlays.

Individual overlays, such as a single model, can be uploaded using just "add". This is probably what you want to do.

Note that you can use "bulk add" to upload models, by putting your model .tar file inside another tar file. The reason for what you saw is that if you use bulk add with a model .tar (without another tar file containing it), Developer Studio will think you want to upload all the files as separate overlays (rather than as part of a model). It accepts the images but a .dae on its own is not a valid overlay.


Models not showing correctly on device

Model is invisible when viewed on my phone/tablet.

Sometimes .dae files have transparency values "the wrong way around". HP Reveal is set up to default to 0.0 = fully transparent to 1.0 = fully opaque for transparency. You may be able to generate files in this format by checking the settings in your exporter. If this is your problem , and if your object is fully opaque, you may be able to fix this simply by find and replace the dae in a text editor -





Model is black when viewed on my phone/tablet. ( but looks OK in the 3D viewer in HP Reveal Studio )

This is probably because your model is unlit. You need to add lights to your scene.

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