Subscription link questions

  1. How do I share a 'Private' Campaign?
    • Select the Campaign you want to share. You will notice a few options appear, one of which is 'Share'.
    • Screenshot_2019-02-15_at_14.32.26.png
    • Open up the drop down options:
    • Screenshot_2019-02-15_at_14.32.58.png
    • Share the 'Link to Subscribe' with someone - they should then enter it into a browser on the device where they have the Reveal app installed, or you can share via one of the other methods so that they simply tap on the link if you share it via email, Twitter or Facebook
  2. When I share privately and get the link to share with those that I want to share with, do I need to provide a trigger image or does it automatically come up like on the ones publicly shared?
    • When someone follows a subscription link, the private Auras you share with them will appear in their Auras list in same way public ones do - so yes they'll get to see the trigger image.
  3. Is there a maximum number of users that I can share the link to?
    • There is no limit whatsoever to the number of people that can activate a subscription link.
  4. Does each different aura have its own link, or does the link only apply to a Campaign? 
    • Your subscription link is unique to each Campaign you create, so once users follow your Campaign, they will be able to see all the Auras you have created inside that - so you'll just need to share it the once.




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