Sharing Auras, or making them Public

Sharing your content is super simple!

When creating a new Aura, you will notice that by default there is an option which says 'Unshare'. What this means is that your Aura is shared publicly by default, until you select 'Unshare'.

However, note that you cannot select this option until you get to the final step in the create Aura flow:

'Edit Trigger' Options:


'Edit Overlays' Options:


'Edit Aura' Options:



What does it mean when the Studio tells you that your Aura is Public / Shared?

When your Aura is public, this means that other users can search for your Account name in the HP Reveal app and follow you. They can then see all of your work that is publicly available.

You can also add a hashtag to your public Aura so that users can easily search for your Auras within the Explore tab of Studio by using the tags you have added.

How do I make an Aura I have already created Public?

When editing an Aura that is currently Private / Unshared, you will notice that you are unable to select the 'Share' option until you get to the 'Edit Aura' screen - this is the same behaviour you would expect if you were creating a new Aura.

If you simply hit 'Save' and do not click 'Share,' your Aura will remain private and only visible to you. Use this option when you want to privately test your Aura with the Simulate feature before making it visible to others. You can always save all of your work and revisit them to share them publicly.

Once someone follows your Account name in their HP Reveal app on their mobile device, they will then be able to see all the Auras you create that are publicly shared and they can see your Trigger Images from their own Studio account!

Need to share your auras with a select audience only? Share your auras privately using the Private Share Link

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