A prominent new feature of Aurasma Studio is the ability to search for and view content under the Explore tab. **To do this, you must create an Aurasma Studio account and use the same username and password to log in to the Aurasma application on your mobile device or tablet. You can then launch Trigger Images, follow them with a click of a button, and shine the viewfinder right over you computer screen to see the Aura.**

The Explore tab allows you to search for content by either scrolling down the page and choosing 'Featured,' 'Newest,' or 'Popular.' Alternatively, you can also use the 'Search' bar at the top right.



The Search bar allows you to type in key words that will result in relevant Auras. You can also refine your search by searching with a hashtag (#). Entering a search topic with a hashtag in front of it will bring up all relevant Auras that have been tagged with that particular hashtag. For example, if we want to search for Auras about baseball, I can type '#mlb' and all Auras that have been tagged with the abbreviation for Major League Baseball will populate.




Want to add Hashtags to your own Auras? This article will have instructions on how to do just that.


Want more information? Check out our video tutorial on hashtags or  this video for a walk-through of the Explore Tab.


Adding a Hashtag

Adding Hashtags to your Auras will allow them to be easily searched within Aurasma Studio. Hashtags will group content by topic, so adding a hashtag(s) to your Aura will give your users another avenue to find them.

If you have already created an Aura, you can always edit it at any time by clicking the 'My Auras' tab at the top, locating your Aura, and hitting the 'edit' button.




Click the 'Next' button at the top until you are in the final 'Aura' stage. This will be the same if you are creating an Aura for the first time. You would simply add your Trigger Image and Overlay and click 'Next' so you can add a name and hashtag before saving and publishing it.



You will see that I have added the hashtag #blackandwhiteart to represent my Aura as I see fit. Jumping over to the Explore Tab, I can type in this same tag in to the Search box to find my content. If any other Auras also had this hashtag, they would come up in my search as well.





**IMPORTANT NOTE** Your Aura has to be shared publicly in order for it to be searchable within Studio or the Aurasma app. Make sure you hit the 'Share' button after you have created your Aura.



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