Masking and Training Trigger Images

The purpose of the Masking tool is to strengthen a Trigger Image and thereby improve the launching speed and tracking of an Aura.

Trigger Images should be sharp, well-populated, graphically rich, not to dark, and as unique as possible. Trigger Images are weakened when they lack these qualities and/or when they contain repeating patterns and logos which are used on other Trigger Images. These can confuse Aurasma as to which of your images, and perhaps which part of one image, it is looking at. However, if you find your Trigger to be lacking the aforementioned qualities, or displaying repeating patterns or logos, try using the Masking tool to improve it!

The Masking tool tells the Aurasma viewfinder to ignore anything that it selects, or shades out. This allows the viewfinder to focus on the most successful aspects of the Trigger Image and ensures it is not wasting any processing power on an irrelevant or confusing part of the image.

When you upload your Trigger Image, you will notice the buttons beneath your preview. The three shapes you see are as follows: the rectangle, the ellipse, and the polygon. These will create the shapes you want on top of your Trigger Image which mark the parts of an image Aurasma should ignore. You will notice that a darker shade will take shape wherever you draw the mask - as in the example below. All you need to do is click on the shape you want, and then click and drag your mouse over the parts of the image in the preview window you want Aurasma to ignore.  



The Mask Opacity bar you see on the right allows you to make your masks darker or lighter. This is just to show you what you have masked and does not make your mask “stronger” or “weaker”. Note that masking in Aurasma Studio will never affect the Trigger Image as it appears in the real world!

It is always a great idea to test your Aura after you create it. If you find that it launches slowly, or that the experience is shaky and unstable, try using the Masking tool to spruce up your Trigger Image.

And remember, the masking tool tells the Aurasma viewfinder to ignore part of an image, not to focus on it!  If you cover an entire image with masking, your Aura will not launch because Aurasma is ignoring the Trigger Image entirely.

For more information, watch this video tutorial about masking.


Training Trigger Images


Aurasma Studio wants to make sure that the Trigger Images you upload are going to launch successful Auras. Training a Trigger means that Studio will scan it to make sure it is within our graphic specifications and that it will be recognized by the Aurasma app. Studio will offer guidance if it finds an issue with the Trigger you have chosen. Be sure to read the pop-up, as it can help guide you to either resize your image, use the masking tool, or offer another helpful tip that will make your Trigger useable. Check out this post for a quick look at the required specs for Trigger Images...

If you upload a single Trigger Image, Aurasma Studio will automatically train the image for you. Simply hit 'Save' after uploading your image.

If you are using 'Bulk Add' to upload multiple Trigger Images at one time, you must either check 'Begin training when upload complete' or you can manually train each image once it populates in to your account.

If you choose to manually train each individual image, simply locate your Trigger under the 'Assets' tab, click the menu icon and hit 'Edit.'



Once you hit save, the image should be ready for use in an Aura, provided you did not receive any errors from Aurasma Studio.

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