How do I preview private Auras?

When you are in the process of creating Auras in the HP Reveal Studio, you will come across an option to preview an Aura by using the 'Preview' button. 


If you click on the Preview button, this will automatically save the Aura you are creating, and by default add it your default Private Campaign, unless you are editing an existing Aura, or have already saved the Aura, in which case it may be sitting inside a different Campaign.

Clicking the 'Preview' button will bring up a new window containing a larger version of your Trigger Image for you to subsequently scan with a mobile device. The key point here is to make sure you are logged in to the HP Reveal app with the same login credentials as you use for your Studio account - this ensures that your app and Studio accounts are linked together, so that when you click the 'Preview' button, you will automatically be following that Aura in-app, allowing you to view it straight away.


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