Is it possible for users to view an Aura without having to follow a channel / campaign?


Unified Login

If you want other users to avoid having to go through the 'Follow' process in order to view your AR content, there is the option to provide them with the login credentials of an App account which is already following the content. This would be our recommended approach:

  1. Create a new login with the HP Reveal App
  2. Use the login to follow the content you have created yourself
  3. Provide those login details to anyone who you want to view your content so that they are automatically following that content

Universal Auras

Some Auras can be viewed automatically, i.e., as soon as a user has downloaded the HP Reveal app they can open it and point the app at an HP Reveal-enabled image to see it come to life with no further steps required; these are called 'Universal Auras'. To clarify, these experiences do not require app users to first follow the account in which they exist, or login at all, however these are restricted to customers enrolled in our Beta program. 

As part of HP’s constant commitment to innovation, we are currently in the process of reshaping the future of HP's augmented reality products. As a result, we are reworking our paid product offerings, including Universal Auras, and will therefore not be taking on any new customers into our Beta program for the immediate future. We will have more to share with our registered users in the near future. 

Although we are reworking our paid products, you can continue to create and share AR experiences through the Studio for free. As a result, the Unified Login approach would be our recommended solution.

NOTE: Try not to encourage users who are logged in with those details to follow anything else - otherwise, everyone using those same login details will automatically be following those channels / campaigns too



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    Sue Beckwith

    I would very much like to have app users see our auras without logging in. In fact I'd eventually like us to have our own mobile app through which our auras could be viewed.

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