Is it possible for users to view an Aura without having to follow a channel?

Some Auras can be viewed automatically, without app users needing to first follow the account in which they exist. We call these Auras "Universal Auras". However, we do charge for Universal Auras. They are designed for major campaigns with large public exposure (often both national and international) and therefore represent a significant software investment. For this reason, on the basis of costs, we recommend that schools and non profits focus on delivering Auras through the Aurasma app by sharing them for other users to follow. Universal Auras may be a viable option for some University marketing materials however. To request a quote for Universal Auras from our Sales team, simply click on the 'My Account' option in your Studio account (top right) and then under 'Quote History' click 'Request Quote' and fill in the required details.

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