Creating Auras in the Aurasma app

You can create simple Auras in the free Aurasma app, available on the App Store or Google Play. 


Step 1: Choose Overlay

We've provided a library of overlays to help you get started, or add one from your device. Tap Overlay images for a preview and to make your selection.

Auras created in-app can only contain one overlay. For more advanced Auras, we recommend using Aurasma studio.


Step 2: Capture Trigger Image

Capture a trigger image for your chosen overlay. Aurasma needs a recognizable image, so watch the quality bar at the bottom and tap "capture" only when it shows green!


Step 3: Position Overlay

Move, scale, and rotate the overlay into position. When you are happy with your placement, tap the arrow to continue. 


Step 4: Name and Save Your Aura

Name your Aura and save it to your Public or Private Auras. Public Auras are searchable by Aurasma app users, while Private Auras are only available to you.


Sharing Your Creations

Auras you create on your device can only be viewed through your device. Auras created in-app will not be available for editing in Aurasma studio. 

We recommend creating Auras in Aurasma Studio for flexibility in creation and sharing.


In-App Help

Tapping on the information button in app will provide you with more information on how to make Auras in-app.


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