Are Aurasma accounts set up in-app and in Aurasma Studio connected?

Aurasma allows you the user to have accounts in two places: an in-app account, and an online account in the Aurasma Studio. Content is generally created online in the Studio, and then viewed using the app. It is also possible to make a few smaller, more simple Auras in-app. 

We are working all the time to improve the links between app and Studio accounts, and they are already linked together to some extent. If you open an account online in the Aurasma Studio, or in-app, you will then be able to log straight in to the other using the exact same login credentials.

Logging in to both Studio and app with the same login credentials will ensure that the two accounts are more closely linked together. Content you create and share from the Aurasma Studio will be automatically available in your app account, meaning you will not need to actively follow it in order to view it on your device. You can also  test private content automatically using the simulate button in Studio if you are logged in to the app with your Studio login credentials. The key, then, is to have Studio and app accounts with the same login details!

However, Studio and app accounts are not completely linked together. Auras created in app will not appear in Studio, and they cannot be moved in to the Studio - if you want your Auras available in both app and Studio, you should create the Auras online in your Studio account. These Studio Auras are delivered to the app by  'sharing' them in Studio. As stated above, if you are logged in to both app and Studio with the same login credentials, any Auras you share from the Studio will automatically appear in your app account - you will not need to actively search for and follow those Auras in app.  

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    Dagnija Rubike

    Not possible to connect Aurasma Studio online account with app login credentials. Option "forgot password" does not work.

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