How do people view my Auras?

Sharing your Auras in the Studio

All Auras are made publicly available to HP Reveal users around the world by being shared in the Studio. Users of the HP Reveal app can then browse or search the HP Reveal app for certain accounts or specific Auras, and have the option to ‘follow’ them to unlock and view those Auras. We recommend adding as much information as possible to your Auras in your online Studio account to ensure that users can find them easily when searching for them in app. Name your Auras well, use detailed descriptions to describe the content, and upload relevant thumbnails.

Check out this post for more on how to share content you have created in the Studio!

Once you have shared content online in the Studio, you and other users then view that content with the HP Reveal app. 

A user simply goes to the search function in the HP Reveal app (the magnifying glass icon), searches for your account name or the name of a specific Aura, and hits 'follow.' You can freely edit or delete any Aura in your Studio account, and the HP Reveal app will take the update without the user having to re-follow.  

Following an account in the HP Reveal app

Once you have shared your Auras in the Studio, your content is ready to be viewed. All you or your users need to do is 'follow' your account in the HP Reveal app. 


  1. Launch the HP Reveal app. You will be taken to the viewfinder, which also has our HP Reveal menu, marked by our 'A' icon in the middle of the lower portion of the screen.


Aurasma Viewfinder.png


  1. Click the HP Reveal 'A' menu icon. You will notice a series of options along the bottom.

  2. Choose the "Search" icon, which is designated by the magnifying glass. See below:

Search Icon.png


  1. Type in the name of the / an account or specific Aura you are looking for. A list of relevant searches will pop up.

  2. Locate the account or Aura you are looking for and press "Follow."

After pressing "Follow," a pop up will appear alerting you that you are now following the desired content. Simply go back to the viewfinder and you are ready to view all of the content in that account! Best part? You can add, edit, or delete an Aura at any time in your Studio account, and the device that is already following that content will automatically take the update.

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