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The default way in which the Studio works is to compress videos based on their height – this is because most videos are widescreen. However, this causes taller videos to lose quality which will explain why users experience issues.

However, Studio does have a feature which lets you configure the compression applied to a video when it’s uploaded to the Studio.

Once this feature is manually enabled in the Studio, it will add an extra text field to the video upload window. To access this, click “create new Overlay”, and then look for an extra text field called “video type”.


The information needs to be entered in a specific format and order, for example “400k: 1080x720 800k 15fps”. As a result, there are 4 bits of information that can be entered into this box:


Info Required



A type tag

  • This is always 400k


Pixel dimensions

  • With the pixel dimensions – keep in mind that mobile phone/tablet screens aren’t that large & the lower you can keep it the better
  • We really wouldn’t suggest anything over 1440x1080


Bit-rate in k

  • A bit-rate of 800k is usually fine for most videos, unless they’re several minutes’ long



  • 15fps will also be fine in almost all instances, unless maybe you have a close up interview of a person talking – in some cases the video & audio can look out of sync, but this is just because its dropping frames, so that would be the only time we would advise upping the frame rate

There are no limits to the values you can put in here, however if you set these values too high;

  1. On slower internet connections users will experience significant buffering
  2. Devices hardware will not be able to interpret the videos fast enough and the App will crash

Obviously both of these issues should be avoided, and typically the only thing you should need to change is the pixel dimensions.


  1. Currently, you cannot see the values entered into the ‘video type’ box once the Overlay has been uploaded, so it is best to include the same value you enter into that box into the ‘description’ box when you upload the Overlay
  2. You cannot edit the values once the video has been upload, it can only be done at upload stage
  3. Users are still limited to the maximum file size of 100 MBs*

The HP Reveal Support team has the ability to enable this feature which lets you manually configure the compression applied to a video when it’s uploaded to the Studio. This is a feature that we are currently trialing so your feedback is key to how we make improvements in the future. 

If you would like to get access to this feature, please provide the name of your Studio account in an email to:


Once you have added the line in the 'video types' box, we also recommend copying and pasting that same line into the 'video description' box. This is because otherwise this information is not visible without it being included in the description.


*Before uploading your videos to the Studio, you need to make sure they are the below the 100 MB file limit. A great way of doing this, if you don’t have the necessary video editing software to hand, is to use a piece of software called MPEG Streamclip. MPEG Streamclip is a powerful free video converter which you can use to get your videos HP Reveal ready - you can download this here, for either Mac or Windows.

To export your video use the following settings in MPEG Streamclip:

  • Compression: H.264
  • Quality: adjust as needed until you get the desired file size 
  • Sound: Leave as default
  • Size: leave as original size unless you would like to make it smaller for playback
  • NOTE: Leave everything else set as default
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