Create a Treasure Hunt

The Idea

We have had quite a few enquiries from users who've wanted to create their very own treasure hunt, i.e., a game that requires end-users to find a series of "hidden" experiences in a certain order to, for example, claim a prize.


If you want an end-user to only be able to trigger each experience after the preceding experience has been viewed then this is achieved using a series of Auras, each contained inside its own private Campaign.

Lets imagine we have three experiences we want users to interact with, but only in a specific order:

  • Trigger 1, being the first Trigger Image users see / find needs to be associated with Aura 1, which is contained inside Campaign 1
    • Campaign 1 can be subscribed to using one of 3 traditional methods
      1. The Aura needs to be contained inside a Universal Campaign, or
      2. Be inside a Private Campaign, and therefore required to be manually subscribed to using a subscription link, or
      3. Be inside a Public Campaign, and therefore discoverable with the HP Reveal App / Studio
  • After Aura 1 is activated you need to add a "load URL" action
    • This URL needs to be the URL (subscription link) for Campaign 2 which is a private Campaign containing the second Aura in the hunt
      • If you remove the 's' on the 'https' in the subscription link, this will bypass the need for the end-user to go through the process of opening the browser and going through the 'follow-a-Campaign' process. For example, if you type this into your browser,, you will see a much longer link in the address (, remove the 's' on the https:// at the beginning of the address, and add this to your 'tap to load URL' action. This will bypass the Follow process, and display a popup for the user letting them know they are now following the new channel
  • Since Aura 2 is contained within Campaign 2, it will not be possible for the end-user to see Aura 2 until they have seen Aura 1 - this is because Aura 1 auto-follows Campaign 2, thus unlocking it for the end-user
  • Aura 2 should work in the same way as Aura 1 - it would subscribe users to the Campaign 3, which contains Aura 3. This process could go on indefinitely. 

See how the flow works below:


The Example

If you want to see a practical example of how this method can work, here is an example you can try out from a user perspective...

  1. Type this url into your device's browser (its case-sensitive)
  2. Tap 'follow'
  3. Tap 'open in App follow'
  4. Scan the first image below (triggers are also as pdf attached to this article)

Trigger 1 for Aura 1: CircleTrigger.png

Trigger 2 for Aura 2:SquareTrigger.png

Trigger 3 for Aura 3:TriangleTrigger.png


Your feedback on this article would be much appreciated - if you are trying this method out for yourself, please let us know if these guidelines help. If not, where are you getting stuck.

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