Using Blender to create 3D models for Reveal

If you do not have access to Max or Maya, some early tests have shown using Blender to export DAE files works successfully.

Blender's Collada exporter (according to their website) and from the tests we have done it is possible to export DAE files with the following attributes:

  • Materials with diffuse & specular colour maps.
  • Animated objects.
  • Skin modifiers.
  • Bones.
  • Point lights. 

Blender is a fantastic FREE bit of 3D software – it’s very easy to use and there are tonnes of tutorials out there on it.

Blender export settings:


Other 3D applications like; Cinema 4D, Trimble Sketchup, Houdini, Solidworks, Rhino & Apps like 123D are all able to produce DAE files - or a file which can be converted into a DAE. However, the DAE files these software programmes produce are incompatible with the OpenCollada format HP Reveal was designed to read. If you export as an FBX from any of these software, and import them into Blender to then export as a DAE, you should be able to create a 3D file that is compatible with HP Revea.



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