Struggling Cinema 4D users:

There is a page in our 3D guidelines which displays Cinema 4D export settings - there are very few options.


From the test we have done here - you are only able to export a static (non-animated) objects from C4D, this can have a texture - but it has to be applied in the self-illumination/luminance channel. This is important because lights do not export correctly - if you don't put your texture in the self-illumination channel you model will appear to be black (because it is un-lit).


The way the animation is encoded in files exported by C4D seems to be in an unrecognised format - this is because Cinema 4D is using the standard Collada 1.4 exporter. We strongly recommend people use the OpenCollada dae exporter - this can be downloaded for 3ds Max and Maya, but a plug-in hasn't been released for Cinema 4D yet.


My best advice would be to export your object & lights as an FBX file. And use the Autodesk FBX converter to change the FBX into a Collada DAE. This seems to work with Cinema 4D files, but we haven't thoroughly tested this method - so please let us know if it does work for you or not.

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