What 3D software do you recommend?

The best program you can use is Autodesk 3DS Max or Maya versions 2012 and upwards. Using either of these - download & install the OpenCollada plugin which enables you to export OpenCollada format dae files. These are the most stable. You can get the plugin for free here:


OpenCollda format will allow you to export:

  • Geometry
  • Lights ( standard omni/point)
  • The textures with any of the following channels:
    • Diffuse
    • Self-illumination/emissive
    • Bump (using a normal map)
    • Specular Colour
    • Opacity
  • Morph/Blend shape vertex animation (OpenCollada hasn’t released a version of their plugin for some later versions).
  • Skin/Smooth Bind modifiers

The default Collada dae format can work, however it is a lot more prone to errors as it does differ from the OpenCollada format our tech is expecting.


Other 3D application export information in a dae format with a different syntax - one HP Reveal isn't designed to read – so we can’t guarantee they’ll all work.

HP Reveal Team


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