Aurasma is now HP Reveal!

On December 18th 2017, we announced that we have re-branded the Aurasma app -- now called HP Reveal.

The HP Reveal app is the first step toward a much bigger revamp of Aurasma, and we are looking forward to bringing you more capabilities and improved experiences with HP Reveal.

 Look out for the HP Reveal App Icon!

Will my content still work?

Don’t worry, all your Aurasma content, Aurasma app and Studio account, and all Auras will continue to work with the updated app, exactly as before.

What happens if I search for “Aurasma” in the App Store / Google Play?

Users who search for “Aurasma” will be able to find the Reveal app, download the app, and view your augmented reality content in the same ways they did before.

How can I get the HP Reveal app?

Simply update your existing Aurasma app, or search for "HP Reveal" in the App Store and Google Play!

Will you be sticking with the Aurasma brand guidelines or will you update the logos, color scheme, icon, etc.

As of right now just the app has been re-branded; the Studio will be re-branded in due course.

When can I expect an update?

We’ll be bringing you more exciting new features in the coming months, and we will have more to share with our registered users in the near future through the Studio and our Zendesk Help Center. Stay tuned!

For future reference:

Please view our Help Center which includes FAQ's, support articles, known issues, product releases/updates, guidelines, downloads and a community network that can help provide answers to your questions.


Best regards,

HP Reveal Team



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