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posted this on June 21, 2013 10:37

Welcome to Aurasma!

Aurasma is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies being used in schools around the world today. Enabling teachers to connect digital content such as video to images in books and classroom walls, Aurasma offers a uniquely inventive, fun, and holistic way of engaging students of all ages. 

This post is designed for school teachers and covers all the relevant issues around using Aurasma in your school.

What mobile devices does Aurasma work on?

Aurasma is a free app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play onto iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tablets version 4.0 and above. For a complete list of supported devices, please check out this link.

Where do I create Auras to see through the Aurasma app?

It is possible to create Auras:

  1. In app on your device
  2. Online in our free online content creation tool, the Aurasma Studio. Sign up today!

I want my Auras to be viewed through multiple devices – should I create them on my phone or online in the Aurasma Studio?

Teachers looking to make Auras viewable through multiple devices (for instance parents’ and students’ phones) will find it more convenient to create Auras online in the Aurasma Studio.

Auras created on your device will be more simple Auras, and, initially at least, can only be viewed through your device. Whilst it is possible to share Auras created on your phone with other phones and tablets, this is a less efficient way of making Auras accessible to multiple devices. Auras created in the Aurasma Studio, on the other hand, can very easily be delivered to tens, hundreds, even thousands of mobile devices.

How do I create Auras on a mobile device?  

Once you have downloaded Aurasma from the App Store or Google Play and installed it onto your device, you are able to create simple Auras on the app on your device. Tapping on the information button in app will provide you with more information as to how to make an Aura on your device. You can also find a brief guide on our website’s Auras page.

Auras you create on your device can initially only be viewed through your device although it is possible to share Auras created on your phone with other mobile devices.

If you are looking to create Auras which can be viewed through multiple devices, we recommend creating them online in our content creation tool the Aurasma Studio.

How do I create Auras online in the Aurasma Studio?

The Aurasma Studio is a free online platform that allows you to create and publish your own augmented reality experiences that we call ‘Auras’. Similar to a content management system, you can create sophisticated and professional-looking Auras in the Aurasma Studio simply by uploading just a few digital assets.

First you need to sign up for an account. Click here to register for a Studio account for free.

Once set up with an Aurasma Studio account, you will be able to start making your Auras by uploading your assets – the images you want our technology to recognise (Trigger Images), and the videos or images or animations you want to overlay these images with on your device(s) (Overlays).

For more detail on uploading your assets, linking them together to create Auras, and then delivering these Auras to multiple devices, take a look at this guide.

Does it cost money to set up an account or make Auras in the Aurasma Studio?

No, setting up an account on the Aurasma Studio and creating as many Auras as you like in your account is completely free of charge. For more on what you can get for free on the Aurasma platform, take a look at this post.

Does it cost money to deliver Auras created in the Aurasma Studio to multiple mobile devices?

No. We want our technology to be completely accessible to schools and charities without their having to worry about costs. We therefore advise teachers and schools to deliver their Auras through public Channels on the Aurasma app.

All Auras created in the Aurasma Studio exist inside Channels – these are like folders which contain collections of Auras you decide to put together. A Channel could contain one Aura or it could contain more than 100 Auras. When these Channels are set to ‘public’ in the Aurasma Studio, this means that anyone using the Aurasma app can search for and ‘follow’ them in app in order to activate the Auras inside them.

By delivering Auras through public Channels, you can deliver as much Aurasma content as you like on the app for as long as you like – all app users have to do to view your Auras is search for your Channel(s) on the app and tap ‘follow’. This can all be done free of cost.

For more on how to deliver your Auras to Aurasma users through public Channels on the app, take a look at this guide

Is there a way of making Auras which can be viewed automatically, so that the app user does not have to first search for and ‘follow’ my Channel?

Some Auras can be viewed automatically, without app users needing to first follow the Channel in which they exist. We call these Auras ‘Universal Auras’. However, we do now charge for Universal Auras. On the basis of costs, we do not recommend that schools and educational charities request to have Universal Auras – we instead recommend that you deliver Auras through public Channels on the Aurasma app. More information on how to do this can be found in this guide.    

Is there any limit to the number of Auras I can create in the Aurasma Studio?

No, there is effectively no limit.

I want staff at the school to be able to share an Aurasma Studio account – is this possible?

Yes – by requesting a free upgrade to your Aurasma Studio account by emailing, we can give you the ability to set up new logins to your account from inside the account.

When you receive confirmation of the upgrade, simply go to the ‘Account Management’ icon in your account. Under the heading ‘Complimentary Upgrade’ you will see three upgrade boxes you can tick, including one for ‘Multiple User logins to your account’. Tick this option, and then click ‘Upgrade’. This will unblock a ‘Users’ tab in the ‘Account Management’ section of the account – it is here that you can add new users to your account. Go to the ‘Users’ tab, click ‘Add’, and un-tick the ‘Use Existing User’ option to create new logins.

I want students to use the Aurasma Studio – do they all need separate accounts?

No – we normally advise schools to have a single account for students which they can all log in to. Using the ability to create new logins for an account in the ‘Account Management’ area, you can create a general login to an account which all the students in your class can use.

If students are all using the same account, how can I separate their Auras?

If you want students to have their individual Auras separated, one efficient way of doing this is to let them have their own separate Channels in the account. In your account you can create as many Channels as you like – you could name each one after one of your students for instance, and these Channels would contain their own Auras.

On clicking on the Channels icon in your account, you can also create new folders on the left hand side of the Channels window where a student’s Channels could be kept. Just right click on the ‘My Channels’ option, and then click ‘New Folder’. You could again, for instance, name a folder after each of the students. Each student could then set up as many Channels as they needed in their own folder.

If students all have their own Channels in my account, is it easy to move individual Auras from their Channels into one Channel for others/parents to view?

Yes – Clicking on any Aura in any Channel will open that Aura’s set-up window. Under ‘Aura Details’ on the left hand side you will see what Channel that Aura is in. Using the drop down option, you can change the Channel that Aura is assigned to, and then click ‘Save’. This will move the Aura into another Channel.

We want parents to be able to see our best Auras – how should we make this possible?

Easy – put all your best Auras in one Channel, and set this Channel to ‘public’ in the Aurasma Studio. To do this just double click on any Channel in your account, and change the ‘Privacy’ setting from ‘Private’ (the default setting) to ‘Public’.

All parents need to do is download the Aurasma app, search for the Channel in app and follow it – they will then be able to view your Auras.

If we want Auras available to students and parents, but we do not want the Channel to be ‘public’ and accessible to all Aurasma users, is there any other way we can deliver these Auras to multiple devices?

Yes. Setting Channels to ‘public’ in the Aurasma Studio and allowing students or parents to follow these Channels in app is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient way of making Auras available to multiple devices.

However, you can also keep a Channel ‘private’ and unavailable to the wider Aurasma platform whilst still making it available to certain app users. The way to do this is to send a Channel’s ‘Link to Subscribe’ to specific devices by email or text.

Double clicking on any Channel in your account will bring up the Channel window – to the bottom left you will see the option ‘Link to Subscribe’. Click on this and then copy the link (using ctrl + c) into an email to be sent to those who you want to be able to access the Channel. If they tap on this link on a mobile device which has Aurasma installed, the app will automatically open, and they will automatically be following the Channel containing the Auras you want them to be able to view. This way multiple devices will be able to see Auras in a Channel which is still private and not available to the wider app user base.   

Can we host the content privately on our own server?

No – currently all content is hosted on our servers.

We are struggling to view the Auras through the app in school, even though they work fine at home. Could there be a firewall issue at my school?

We do occasionally hear of connection problems, particularly on corporate WIFI and in schools. Usually this affects video streaming. If this is the problem you are seeing, you may find that some videos do work because they have been saved to cache on your device while it was connected to a network without filtering.

Our content delivery sites are:

You can try whitelisting, and please let us know how well this works.



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Stuart Kettle

We have started using Aurasma with the iPad app in our school. However, we have now discovered we are not able to delete overlays. This causes us a big problem due to privacy issues with the children, is there a solution to this?

June 28, 2013 00:31
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Aurasma Support US
Enterprise (HP)

When you create content with the Aurasma application on a device, the Overlay and Trigger remain local to that specific device--for example, the iPad you are currently using. I do want to note that you can delete the Aura associated with the Overlay, but you cannot remove the actual overlay itself. Please see the attached photo. If you go to the "My Auras" tab under the Profile section within our menu, you will see the option to delete an Aura. 

If privacy is a concern for your students, I would encourage you to use our free version of Aurasma Studio. You can create Auras in your account, add and delete Triggers and Overlays, and still share your content with as many devices as you like. You simply need to upload your assets into the Studio before using them.

If you want to sign up for a Studio account, you can do so right on the homepage by clicking "Create Account." There are also other helpful articles on this site that show you how to share your Channel in Aurasma Studio with other users and how to create content.

I hope you find this helpful!

July 08, 2013 11:12
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Stuart Kettle

Thank you for your reply regarding the Aurasma Studio. I already use the studio for producing my own Auras. The app is really good for the students to create their own Auras as they have access to an iPad but not computers. Hopefully in a future update you can make it possible to delete trigger images and overlays.

July 08, 2013 13:59
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Aurasma Support US
Enterprise (HP)

We appreciate the note and, if you like, feel free to write that up under our "Feature Request" page!

This will let others know that this feature has been requested as well and gets our Community Dialogue up and running.



July 08, 2013 16:42
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Allyn Jacobs

Having some serious issues with our firewall/content filter, and the CDN's alone do not appear to be enough....    Any ideas on what we can do next?


Thanks, Allyn

September 06, 2013 08:10
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Nancy Anderson

I am so excited, we made our first Auras today in Science Class, We used our ipads and imovie. At first the videos appear to have the proper orientation, then we took a picture of our trigger and all was good. Then when we tried them out the video we used of the students is sideways. I have read what I can online and can't find the solution. Can anyone help me.



September 16, 2013 11:09
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Ellen Crosby

I just learned about Aurasma and think it will have great uses in my school. I have been trying to use Aurasma, but I keep getting the error "Oops! There is a problem connecting to Aurasma Central. Please check your signal strength and network settings." I seem to have a good signal on my Ipad, and I am not sure what I need to do about the network settings. Any help would be appreciated.



March 13, 2014 07:40
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Aurasma Support UK
Enterprise (HP)

Hi there,

@Ellen school wifi connection issues are quite common - you may find whitelisting the following content delivery sites helps - let us know!:

@Nancy, I assume the videos were in landscape orientation? And are the images portrait? Providing you were taking the photos of the images front on (so in portrait I would assume) the videos should match the orientation in which you took the photograph (that is the top of the video will be towards the top of the iPad, the bottom towards the bottom button etc). Is the Trigger Image strong (not too many repeating features etc)? Repeating features in particular in an image could confuse Aurasma as to which part of the image it is looking at and consequently change the orientation of the video but this would be unusual and would require a very repetitive, weak Trigger...

@Allyn, this may be something to discuss with your network admin if you have one as we do not have any other content delivery sites. Do you have a good wifi connection besides?


March 25, 2014 09:03
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Stacy Brown
We are trying to create an aura through our channel but we receive an error message that the overlay (video) is too long. However, the video is only 90 seconds. Suggestions as to how to fix this?
April 03, 2014 06:40
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Aurasma Support UK
Enterprise (HP)

Hi Stacy,

Are you creating your Aura in app or in a Studio account online?


April 08, 2014 03:26